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In the heart of our enchanting venue lies the breath-taking Main Ballroom, a space that evokes timeless elegance.

Here, the grandeur of the moment is heightened by floor-to-ceiling windows, which frame the tranquil and beautiful Iron Cove. The uninterrupted views stretch as far as the eye can see, embracing the waterfront into every celebration. 

This Main Ballroom is not merely a space; it’s a canvas for dreams and long-lasting memories to be created.


Domonique & Luke's Wedding

An enchanting wedding setting unfolded in a breath-taking display of romance created by white fresh flowers and an array of crystal chandeliers .

Lucas Tommy Issa's Christening 05_edited

Lucas Tommy Issa's Christening

An vibrant setup featuring a fun green display of florals in celebration of Lucas' Christening where family and friends gathered to enjoy this beautiful day.


Tina & Anthony's Wedding

An air of classic romance from the golden cutlery to the ivory floral arrangements, harmoniously blended to create a scene of understated luxury.

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